Sudhin Biopharma Co.
Developing the most efficient continuous bioprocessing platform technologies


To become a global biopharmaceutical company, using the most efficient biological manufacturing platform technologies to make affordable biological medicines and other beneficial products.


To develop efficient continuous bioprocesses for manufacture of biosimilar therapeutic molecules, using high cell density continuous perfusion bioreactors and continuous chromatography / downstream processing techniques.

Research & Development Expertise

High cell density bioreactor design and continuous perfusion culture operating strategies (see our Competitive Advantage).

Consulted for several large biotech companies on the use of a novel cell retention device for achieving high cell density cultures in their manufacturing plants.

Recombinant protein overexpression in microbial (E. coli, Pichia and Saccharomyces) and mammalian (CHO, BHK, NS0) cell cultures.


Executive Council: Dr. Dhinakar S. Kompala, Dr. Scott Rudge,
Dr. Premsingh Samuel
Scientific Advisory Council: Dr. Robert A. Sclafani, Dr. Robert Scheinman,
Dr. Satish K. Garg
Business Advisory Council: Mr. Srinagesh Talatam, Dr. Scott Rudge,
Dr. Peter C. Brown
Investors: Dr. Sushila D. Kompala, Dr. Niles F. Utlaut
Mr. Khishore Pridhivi